Our Team

NEC Payments was founded and is operated by a dynamic leadership team with extensive experience of forming and growing financial services and technology businesses.

Andrew Sims, Co-Founder and CEO, has worked in payment sector start-ups for over 15 years. During this period he helped build a market-leading prepaid programme manager in Europe, and co-founded one of the fastest-growing specialist prepaid processors globally.

Fuad Nonoo, Co-Founder and Chairman, and Yusuf Nonoo, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, have both enjoyed long and successful careers in retail and wholesale money exchange, remittance, and gold bullion trading including being part of the family that built the largest money exchange and remittance business in Bahrain.

The founders are supported by an experienced and motivated team drawn from the payments, banking, technology, and ICT sectors.


  • Andrew Sims
    Andrew Sims Co-Founder and CEO
  • Fuad Nonoo
    Fuad Nonoo Co-Founder & Chairman

Sales & Marketing

  • Suhail Uddin
    Suhail Uddin Business Development Director
  • Sujai Lal
    Sujai Lal Head of Corporate Sales
  • Sujeesh Kumaran
    Sujeesh Kumaran Corporate Sales
  • Duaa Ammar
    Duaa Ammar Digital Marketing Manager
  • Bruce Noronha
    Bruce Noronha UI/UX Designer

Operations & Infrastructure

  • Hussain Sayed
    Hussain Sayed Head of Operations
  • Mohsen Badrani
    Mohsen Badrani Systems & Network Manager
  • Ali Salman
    Ali Salman Systems & Network Admin
  • Ali Heraiz
    Ali Heraiz Systems & Database Admin
  • Majeed Shubber
    Majeed Shubber Systems & Database Admin


  • Omar Dahane
    Omar Dahane Senior Developer
  • Safeer Kallungool
    Safeer Kallungool Senior Developer
  • Sadeq Ateya
    Sadeq Ateya Senior Developer
  • Yassine Louzi
    Yassine Louzi Senior Developer
  • Shanid T.L
    Shanid T.L Developer
  • Priya D’sa
    Priya D’sa Quality Assurance
  • Reshma Tharun
    Reshma Tharun Quality Assurance

Finance & Admin

  • Anoop MM
    Anoop MM Head of Finance
  • Lekshmi Nair
    Lekshmi Nair Assistant Accountant
  • Mohammed Noman
    Mohammed Noman Group Manager Human Resources
  • Toseef Ahmed
    Toseef Ahmed Administrator

Compliance & Audit

  • Saloni Prasad
    Saloni Prasad Head of Compliance and MLRO
  • Mujtaba Habib
    Mujtaba Habib Internal Auditor
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