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NEC Payments B.S.C. (NECP), a regional leader in Banking-as-a-Service and digital banking technology solutions, has announced its partnership with Bankiom to provide next level generation digital financial services through an integrated multi-currency digital account, virtual and contactless Mastercard, and bank transfer solutions.

NEC Payments’ secure plug-and-play API will power Bankiom’s digital financial services initiatives and enable Bankiom to concentrate on the design and integration of user interfaces that ride on the rails provided by the NEC Payments digital banking platform: a flexible, agile, and secure digital account and transaction processing solution that supports multi-channel, multi-currency, pure-digital financial services products.

The addition of NEC Payments licensed and regulated status, robust compliance frameworks, and its principal membership of the international payment schemes enables it to provide Bankiom a true single-source, vertically-integrated, Banking-as-a-Service solution which is regionally unique.

Andrew Sims, CEO of NEC Payments said: “NEC Payments plug-and-play Banking-as-a-Service solution will enable Bankiom to create, implement and deploy innovative digital financial solutions built upon the backbone provide by our technologies, regulatory license and principal membership of the international payments schemes. It is a real pleasure to work with the Bankiom team who have a clear and concise vision and the natural ability to create compelling user experiences.”

Danny Abla, Founder of Bankiom commented: “When we discovered NEC Payments’ solution, we were pleasantly surprised that those folks have already done most the legwork for us and our job now is to focus on the customer. We are super excited about this partnership and are looking forward to leverage their technology to deliver those amazing banking experiences that are frankly lacking in our banking ecosystem.”


Duaa Ammar, NEC Payments, +973 1720 3000,

Agnieszka Kurzawa, Bankiom, +971 55 207 0724,

About NEC Payments

NEC Payments B.S.C(c) is a digital banking and payment technology company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain as an Ancillary Services Provider: Card Processor and Payment Services Provider. The company provides innovative financial technology solutions to power high-performance, flexible and secure payment processing, compliance, and financial control systems that may be securely deployed on the cloud, on-premises, and into hybrid environments to provide flexibility, scalability, redundancy, and to drive rapid growth. The company is a principal member of Mastercard and Visa and is compliant with multiple security and business process standards including PCI-DSS L1 v3.2.1, ISO27001 and ISO9001.

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About Bankiom

Bankiom is a banking app that allows you to open an account and get a payment card on your phone… in 3 minutes or less. Our goal is to eliminate all friction points between you and your money!

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